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About Us:

We are a Seno Products distributor that carries nails and staples for all makes and models of tools, not to mention, all other products used in the woodworking industry. We are also a fully licenced warranty and repair center for Senco brand tools. Family owned and in business since 1980, we pride ourselves on customer service and quality products.  From framing a house or a picture to custom built cabinets or furniture, we are a one stop shop for all your needs. 

What We Offer:

- Complete line of Senco nail guns, staple guns, air compressors and fasteners.

- Warranty/Repair center for all Senco brand tools.

- Fasteners for all other available brands of pneumatic tool.

- Sanding Discs/Belts

- Saw Blade and Knife Sharpening

- Delivery Service

How to Find Us:

We are located at:

3701 N. Pennsylvania Ave.

Suite A

Oklahoma City, OK  73112


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